One & Two Bedroom Units Features:
Aparment Amenities: 

  • Living Area
  • Wall-to-wall carpet
  • Ceiling fan & mini-blinds


  • Oven, range, & frost-free refrigerator
  • Built-in dishwasher & garbage disposal
  • Wood cabinetry & laminate countertops


  • Overhead light & mini-blinds


  • Non-slip shower w/ handrail 

Cable TV provided at a reduced rate
    Central indoor mail delivery
    Use of community facilities

Head of Household Minimum Age:  62 years of age or older, handicap/disabled, regardless of age‚Äč       

Income Restrictions

This institution is an equal opportunity provider

Welcome to Bartell Place!

614 N. Washington, Junctin City KS
Phone: 785.238.3000
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Manager: Sharron Long

Community Amenities: 

  • Main laundry facilities
  •  Library and computer w/ internet access
  • Exercise area

Opened in 1880 as the premier luxury hotel in Junction City, KS, Bartell has undergone many changes  over the years. Slated for demolition in the late 90's , the old hotel was saved in 2008 by Homestead's rehabilitation and conversion of the building  into much needed senior housing.

Our Community 

Meet your Bartell Place neighbors, and make new friends by participating in our many planned social activities including pot luck dinners, special speakers, games, movie nights, barbecues, and more.  The community spaces are designed to make it convenient to entertain small groups of family and friends.  It is perfect for family dinners, birthday parties, and other special occasions.

Our residents have easy access to medical facilities, shopping, grocery markets, transportation, and churches.  Ample parking also makes your home easily accessible to family and friends who come to visit.

Homestead was awarded the Excellence Medallion from the Kansas Preservation Alliance for the rehabilitation of the Bartell.